CM1911 Note on the Transparency of EU decision making following the “Seminar on the Future of EU Transparency”

The Finnish Presidency held a seminar on the 24th of September 2019 regarding the future of EU transparency in Brussels. In this note, the Meijers Committee takes this opportunity to elaborate further on some of the issues discussed.


CM1910 Tackling the dissemination of terrorist content online

The Meijers Committee commends the efforts by the European Parliament to amend several of the elements of the Commission's proposed ‘Regulation on preventing the dissemination of terrorist content online,’ that the Meijers Committee has criticized in its previous comments. The Meijers Committee would like to add some further suggestions for amendements. 



CM1909 Opinion of the Meijers Committee on interstate procedures and the rule of law

In view of persisting worrying developments concerning the rule of law in Poland and Hungary, our Committee has delivered an opinion about the possibility of starting an interstate legal procedure against these two countries for a systematic failure to respect the rule of law. We recommend a coalition of EU Member States to bring an interstate complaint before the Court of Justice of the EU on the basis of 259 TFEU.


CM1905 Kommentar der Meijers Kommission zur Ausweitung der Zuständigkeiten der Europäischen Staatsanwaltschaft auf terroristische Straftaten

Die Europäische Kommission kündigte 2018 an, dass sie die Kompetenzen der Europäischen Staatsanwaltsschaft auch auf Fälle des grenzüberschreitenden Terrorismus erweitern will. Diese Kompetenzen würden über die in Artikel 86 AEUV festgelegten Zuständigkeiten hinausgehen. Artikel 86 Absatz 1 AEUV beschränkt sich auf Straftaten welche die finanziellen Interessen der Union berühren.


CM1908 Response to a Note from the Presidency on ‘The future of EU substantive criminal law – Policy debate’

During the Romanian Presidency a debate was launched on ‘the future of EU substantive criminal law’. As a result the Presidency has drafted a report, which aims to provide assistance in the process of (possibly) further developing the regulatory framework in the field of EU substantive criminal law.