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The current situation in Europe calls for an active Meijers Committee. The Meijers Committee Foundation ‘Stichting tot Steun’* was established in 2015 to facilitate the Meijers Committee, especially in the field of fundraising. The reason for the establishment is the need to attract new financing parties. The Meijers Committee is a unique group of professors, judges, lawyers and academic staff in Europe that systematically checks European proposals in the field of criminal law, migration, privacy and discrimination against the requirements of the democratic constitutional state. By reacting early and maintaining contact with legislative institutions, the Meijers Commission has made an important contribution to the rule of law quality of European legislation in the field of justice over the past two decades. For an up-to-date overview of the activities performed by the Meijers Foundation for the Support Committee, you can view our annual report. Please note that our annual reports are only available in Dutch.

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    IBAN: Stichting tot Steun van de Commissie Meijers (Foundation for the Support of the Meijers Committee) is NL48TRIO0391007823 (Triodos Bank).

Note: Members of the Meijers Committee do their work on a volunteer basis without remuneration. Only the members of the Secretariat are employed (part-time) by the Committee.

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For more information about the main points of the current policy plan, the composition of the board, and the remuneration policy of the Foundation for Support, see: 220705 Stichting-Statuten stichting steun Cie Meijers